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thanks everyone, for your lovely comments.

I had the EEG, and got the results. There was a significant amount of background noise which was consistant with my medication but at a level that isn't doing any damage to my brain. There were no lesions, scar tissue or tumors. So it basically came up clean. Found out that a psuedo siezure can be just as bad as a grand mal, but the only thing is that it will never be fatal. been given a dose of valium 3 times a day which has so far kept things at bay. The next step is te first siezure clinic, and to see what they say. I am under the impression that further diagnosis will hinge on what they look like, as i was asked to have someone who had seen them with me or contactable by phone. And I told her that my father will be taking me, and will be with me, and is a paramedic, and she said that would be wonderful. Everyone has been very careful to ensure that they say "now I am not saying it is this....." before they launch into whatever theories. and I just napped for 3 hours.

I just want it fixed.